Wednesday, July 6, 2016

July 6th Release notes

7/6 Notes 

The first release of the month, and it brings back TLC campaigns, hurrah!. While previous campaign offered tech that nullifies their unbuffed version, these additions only help to increase their use in battle. Daily Deals also has be changed to include Skins, such as a orange/blue scheme for the Vendetta hull. 

Dark Reigns TLC 

Start Date: Wednesday, July 6th, 2016 - 9 AM PST
End Date: Wednesday, July 13th - 9 AM PST

Duration: 7 days
Levels: 65 and above 

I will be uploading videos of my playthroughs on my Youtube Channel.


Unlike other campaigns, there is 5 different run throughs. All the limited prizes, you will only win one of them. The total capital of the Omega has not been increased. 

Run through  1 (5 encounters)

Countermeasure Equipment II

Countermeasure Loaders II

Gale Defense I

Run through  2 (6 encounters)

Countermeasure Equipment III

Countermeasure Loaders III

Gale Defense I, II

Run through 3 (7 encounters)

Omega Behemoth

Gale Defense I, II, III

Run through  4 (7 encounters)

Harlock’s Citadel-Flagship only

Gale Defence I, II, III

Run through 5 (7 encounters)

Zoe’s Apollo-Flagship only

Gale Defense I, II, III

Badge: Capture the Flagships 

If you complete all 5 run throughs of the campaign, you will earn 5 Gale 1, 4 Gale 2, and 3 Gale 3. 
The countermeasure equipment is a bit useless at this point. The minimum level for this campaign is 65, and at that level you should have been able to get that before. 

A better replacement would have been Frontline Countermeasure system and Barrel system. The FCS is a standard now on any hull that is countermeasure for it's use at the frontlines and supporting hulls. Barrel system helps with the Switchblade missile, as Kixeye looks to be still pushing it with Zoe's Apollo having a multi shot of +1. 

Harlock's Citadel 

The Harlock's Citadel comes with the same amount of DPS, but with an added bonus of better armor points, lower remote targeting falloff, better explosive and penetrative resistances, and one more weapon slot. Oh and 75% field resistance. 

The downsides? Half cargo, no S(h)ockWave deflection, and a whooping 15 day build. 

The Flagship effect is very interesting too, with 200% bonus to explosive damage and projectile speed. With the the effect being range confided instead of a full fleet affect, like ballistic reload and the Omega, this  might limit the usability of it a little bit. 


Every time I see a Citadel hit, they split up the the fleet into one of two ways. 

The spotter hull enters into the channel

Now this can turn into one of two ways 

Way 1: the Citadels follow from outside the channel in a pack 

Way 2: the Citadels split up, with each one covering a different part of the channel. 

Zoe's Apollo 

With some of the same basic stats of the nonlimited version, the limited version comes with better evade, penetrating and corrosive resistances, anti-missile range, and armor. 

But at the cost of a huge freaking buildtime and defense handicap. 

17 Days for a blank hull, during that time you can build 3 blank Apollo hulls. 

The flagship effect is just a bonus to defenses and reload within a 40 range. 

Personal Thoughts 

I would try and get the Citadel, but only if I could without a large bill. 

The Citadel's massive FoE is worth the build time, with +200% to projectile speed, the sun will be blocked out by mortar fire for sure. (Those poor midgets dancing on Warehouses). The Harlock is a good alternative to the R5 version also, but just remember that you can only get one. 

 The new Apollo is almost worthless when considering the massive build time for it. I would rather get the Savage Kodiak when it gets offered again and use it instead of the Zoe's Apollo. The bonus to reload is the same, but defense bonus is greater, and no range problems with it.  Any good build can escape the HC in the raids and outrange it's scatterguns. 

Not to mention that the Apollo should be receiving a retro this month, with it being the only tier 5 assault hull, and we are promised tier 5 for the Assault line this month. 

Event Preview server 

There is a Preview of the next raid this Friday at 12PM PDT until 3PM PDT. Remember that you can only join the preview if you play or started playing on Facebook. 

Friday, July 1, 2016

July WIP

July WIP

Go read it, it's worth it.

Daily Deals and Dark Reign 

New deals are coming in in the store, with a Vendetta skin. The new campaign is called Dark Reign, it lasts for a week starting on July 6th, next Wednesday, for 65+. The prizes for this TLC are flagship limiteds  for Apollo and Citadel hulls. With 5 different run throughs to earn all the prizes. More news and prizes will be coming on next week's release.

July Event 

There is a limited space preview running on the 8th for the July event. The new prizes is a defender hull named the Vanquisher. The raid is still apart of the Civil War series and is named Allegiance. The raid starts on the 14th and runs for 4 days. 
You can only join into the preview if you play or started the game on Facebook. 

Mega Ships for Players 

The 6 weeks for owning the Gantry is soon to close, and with it players will be getting their Mega Hulls, no new news at this time. Kixeye also promised to allow players to speed up the building of their Gantry on July 5th.

Weekly Mission Prize Additions 

These prizes are certainly better than last month's prizes.

The Shards in Tier 5 will be taken out on July 20th, make sure to collect them if you can.

  • Concussive Reciprocator - Forsaken depth charge technology, allowing for sustained damage at a fixed range.
A new Special, I'm guessing this affect the splash damage at the edge of it, as the damage cuts in half at the edge of the splash radius.

  • Minigun Turret - A focused, short-to-mid range concussive turret. Limited.
This turret will sink so many ships without deflection or concussive defense. This will definitely replace any remaining Pyros and Basilisk turrets.

  • Expanded Concussive Charge - A turret special that increases Concussive damage and splash.
Meant to go along with the Minigun or any Gargoyles you have left.

  • Zynthonite Armor D3-S; D4-S; D5-S - Draconian stealth armor.
Finally continuing the line of stealth armors. In good time too as the next couple events are gonna be heavy sub needed. The D5-S would combine the armor of bulkhead and the stealth of DS, a great addition. Bulkheads on subs was a very popular choice during the Arena Tournaments, this could provide the high health and stealth needed for subs, especially if the next event targets have super sonar. 

VXP Weekend 

Another one is coming from the 22nd to the 25th. The target types haven't be confirmed, but should be similar to the last ones, without the 123 reaver target. 

Skirmish line Preview 

Preview server is coming online on the 21st to test changes on subs before the line is released. This should be changing the repair to 100% and maybe a style change to the timer. 

The Skirmish class has in it.... (and tier next to it)

Battlecruiser X-1
Stingray 2.5
Tiger Shark-4

Yes there is more hulls than this, but I have taken out limited and researchable. The most likely hulls to be included within the line are highlighted. Kixeye has been stressing for subs lately, and having the preview to see the changes, the line is gonna be dedicated for submarines.

Overall thoughts 

July is just gonna be another month, some good things are coming, some bad things are coming. Like asking the player base to pay $20 for a skin.