Thursday, August 18, 2016

Raid Thoughts

Raid Thoughts and the 106 Problem 

The Raid is over, and with it the record high of 1 billion points, and a record of behind the scene changes of Kixeye. From adding missiles with 1000% and 13.5K damage to a cannon with 1000 damage, 2 second reload, and a single salvo, oh yeah with an accuracy of 1000%.

 Mind you this was in a single target, 106. The other targets were easier than before to many player's perception, until about halfway through the raid and many reported increased damages. 

What does this mean? 

Kixeye doesn't know how hard or how easy some sets are, and they aren't willing to test them out on the player base first to judge them.

If you remember back to the Preview server on the 9th, the only targets available were the Drac mine bases and the Reaver Armadas. Nothing detailing the raid in 3 days, just the prizes. 
While this is useful for deciding what to get, Kixeye should also allow the players to test all the targets available in the raid, and not just the prizes. This allows for the players to give feedback upon the targets, and make last minute changes. Not allowing the players to test the targets, leads to 106's. 

Remember the July Raid? With the Vanquisher prize? Now the Preview? What could we all hit during the Preview? 

Player bases to test out the Vanquisher, which was very nice, don't get me wrong there. But Kixeye didn't let the players test out any changes to the raid targets. Which was a large mistake. 

Previously the S target was overrun with missiles, but with countermeasures they were cheaper and easier than A sets. People who were doing the A sets switched over to S sets for an easier gameplay. 

Kixeye noticed this change, and thus changed the S sets into 2 targets and increased the damage.
This raid, people jumped from S sets to A sets. Because of the difficulty of S sets, and it was cheaper and faster to do A sets.  

Kixeye blindly adjusts the targets, without getting the vital feedback critical to the raid's success. 
With the success being judged upon the number of people who (were) "Interested", "Went" and "Invited" on the Battle Pirates Facebook. With the numbers decreasing within this raid series, by 800 people after the first raid, and 300 people after the Allegiance Raid. 

Now, this doesn't seem that high to the current 65K people playing on Kixeye site, through all of their games. But the last series, only 3 raid long. lost only about 50 people! 

Now, you could be claiming that the number dropped because of the number of people "invite" to the raid. However, if you compare the number of people "invited" from Revenge Raid 2 to Schism. it's still a huge drop. 

Revenge Raid 2 had 3618 people invited, and 6089 went. 
Schism had 3589 people invited, and 4300 went. 

So, the number of people invented doesn't matter. Defiance had 1,800 more people who went than Civil War Escalation, but both drew the same number of invited. 

The Initially drop between the first two raids in Civil War are to blame for this, with the initial Mega Hull hardness. What did Kixeye do to the difficulty of this target?  

But the Elite (S) was changed after Escalation, if it lead for players to choose it over A sets. 

All in All, Kixeye needs to start doing thee things and stop doing a single thing. 

Do these 
  • Tell the players of any changes to the targets, such as lowering difficulty 
  • Report the number of players that legitimately played the raid, such as getting more than 100k points, to weed out those who try, get a little amount of points, and quit
  • Open up a live preview server (more about this below) 
Don't do these 
  • Leave the preview only for testing the prizes, bring in the new targets and let the players test them before you have another drop again. 

Live Preview Server 

The last preview lasted 2 hours, and had GD Raiken in the chat along with other kix employees, nice touch. The preview was only for testing the prizes, bad touch. 

Now, what I believe ya'll should do is this 
  • Increase the time from 2 hours to 4 hours
  • included a popup feedback after every target, can be disabled, for the first 15 minutes of combat every half hour. 
  • update the server every 30 minutes based upon the feedback in the popup 
Now, the feedback popup should look like the basic feedback we sometimes get. With a scale of 1-10 in bubble form , and a description box.  Take away the description box and add in basic info, again all in bubble form, such as fleet, most damage from, coin amount. 

At the end of the 15 minutes of combat, change the targets based upon the feedback received, not from all the targets, but from a lottery of 10. Average out the score, and adjust when necessary. Keep on doing this every 30 minutes for 4 hours, you should be able to reach the perfect level of difficulty. 

Until in a few days where I post something else, keep those tinfoil hats on and fingers crossed. 

Friday, August 12, 2016

Schism-What to get/104's

First day in 

This raid is the same as the past 3, but with a few changes. 
  • There is now 2 targets for the S tier, 104 and 106, 2 million points and 3 million points respectively with a completion bonus of 5 million points. 
  • The Heavy Cruiser's damage on their scatterguns has been halved, but only in some targets. 
  • The whole raid popup to redeem prizes has had a major turnaround. 

Prize Redemption Screen 

Instead of having the prizes grouped into tiers, they are now grouped upon their class. Clicking on the More Prizes leads you into the specials, weapons, and turrets part of the prizes. Furthermore, now each prize shows what it recommends next to it to get for best utilization.

Points for each target and bonuses 

The points has remained the same from the raid raid, except for the Elite (S) set, which is now 10 million point totally instead of 4 million.

Set C:
40 - 8,650
43 - 13,500
47 - 18,000
C-set bonus - 40,000

Set B:
60 - 40,000
61 - 50,000
65 - 87,000
67 - 130,000
B-set bonus - 300,000

Set A:
80 - 340,000
83 - 450,000
86 - 550,000
A-set bonus - 1,350,000

Elite Set:
104 - 2,000,000
106 - 3,000,000
S-set bonus - 5,000,000

The New Prizes 

We finally got a Limited Flagship Punisher, and it's okay. 


While this hull has a couple up sides, such as better armour, Ballistic reload and damage, Siege Deflection, and a pretty good Flagship affect. The Downsides? 50% handicap, no penetrating or explosive defense, no Assault Deflection, and a whooping 18 day build time with officer in the days of lowered build times. Oh and the limited edition has 3 less weapon slots.

This prize comes in at 50 million points. At this price, you can earn the HellWraith, Fire Twister Torpedo, Sealed Fire Charge, and 8 hours off your build time.

Here's a chart if you wanna compare them yourself.

The Flagship Affect you ask?
Each Punisher in fleet receives; +30% Ballistic defense, +40% Radioactive Defense, +50% Ballistic Reload

The HellWraith (HW) is the first of Reaver Submarines. 

Where to begin on this? With +100% projectile speed, and +150% torpedo damage, 30 combat speed, built in cloak, and concussive defense of 80%, along with a reaver overload. This sub is clearly top of the line, but coming in at a 30 million price tag. The highest for new ships not limited. While it is nice to have the best ship to use the next raid this raid, the price could be dropped to 20 or 25 million.

Along with the HW, comes the Fire Twister Torpedo.

The weapon that fits the beast above. With fast projectile speed, splash damage, lower reload and higher damage than the scourge torpedoes. While this weapon does have splash, it works as a dumbfire weapon, meaning that fires upon a location instead of following the ships.

Paired with the new torpedoe is a new special, Sealed Fire Charge.

This special combines Splash and Projectile Speed, like Combustion Systems, but also has torpedoes critical chance increased, along with the damage it causes. For those who don't know, Critical chance is where the damage is doubled. The downside to this special is the -10% cloak, but lucky the hull it was created to be paired with has 25% cloak built in.

The three new Reaver items come in at 49 million points all together.

The Prize List 

Kixeye has released the best ship to use for the next raid this raid, along with the specials and other ships recommend to use. But with that being said, most of the prizes are for the high up levels, and does not offer a lot of variety for lower levels.          highlighted items are worth it,      means I do not recommend it, and         is I'm either way on it.

Hulls                                             Cost               Limit if it applies 

Vassago's Punisher                    50,000,000                1         
-Coming in at 50 million points and 18 days to build with Officer, I don't see the point in building it.     
Destroyer ECM                        40,000,000                                     
-Useful for Subfleets, but in the day of  Thermal?                 
Hellwraith                                 30,000,000                                   
-Best sub to use for the next raid, and second best sub of all time? 
Revenge                                    15,000,000                                    
-Still great for base hits                 
Apollo                                       12,500,000                                 
This is the last raid, you can use these to hit the 91 MegaShips for your own Megaship, but limited use
Punisher                                    12,500,000
-The current work horse for a lot of players, and amazing
Omega Behemoth                      11,000,000                1
-Great when paired with ballistic fleets, but limited use
Prototype Hunter                     10,000,000                5
When built right can take down Armadas with ease, but any other use a Rhino can do better
Savage Kodiak                          10,000,000                1
-Just like the Omega, but with Missiles.
Unshackled Hellhound              10,000,000                1
-Who still uses throwers?
Centurion                                    9,000,000
-Get the Punisher instead, better investment 
Draconian Carrier                        9,000,000
-Has its uses, but nothing major
Tiger Shark                                  9,000,000
-You are gonna need submarines next raid, easier to buy this instead of hitting 47+ level 70 Armadas 
Heavy Cruiser                              7,500,000
-Who uses these? 
Monarch                                       6,500,000                5
-Limited uses sadly, great concept, but cant compete with Drac UAV carrier
Citadel                                           6,250,000
-Useful in the Forsaken mission and base hits, but rumors of FM changing so, would be green if I didnt keep hearing them
Highlander's Nuclear Cruiser        4,500,000               1
-Read what I wrote for Savage and Omega
Nighthawk                                    2,500,000
-Spectre is comparably better and cheaper
Rhino                                             1,750,000
-Missile work horse of many players, and very cheap
Spectre                                             900,000
-Comparably better than the nighthawk, and cheaper
Barracuda                                         125,000
-18+ level 71 cargo hits, but you don't need the components. Spectre is still better sadly. 
Corvette                                              20,000


Name                                                Cost 

Fire Twister Torpedo                         12,000,000
-Best Torpedos in game currently
Particle Accelerator Cannon               9,000,000
-Earthshaker cannon is comparably better to this, and half as much 
Switchblade Anti-Missile                   9,000,000
-Blades are in tier 4 of FM, and don't have to worry about primary and secondary weapons
Concussive Gatling Gun                    7,500,000
-Combine these with Revenge or Hunters, works like a charm, or any ship really. 
Railgun D-110                                   6,000,000
-Arbs are still in tier 4 right? 
Styx Torpedo                                   6,000,000
-If you cant get FTT, this work just as well, with DoT 
Heavy Scattergun D81-H                   6,000,000
-Heavy weapons are all the rage, make sure to get this hot weapon (joking)
Scattergun D81-M                            6,000,000
-27k uranium to build each one? Hell no 
Antipode Launcher D98-U                5,500,000
-Second ever time being offered, get this if you need a better launcher. 
Judgment Mortar                               5,500,000
-Easier to get in FM, but if you can'
Charon Torpedo                                5,000,000
-Think of the Havok Torpedoes, but with higher damage, better range, faster projectiles. If you can't get other torpedoes, get these. 
Bomber UAV D100-S                      5,000,000
-Only good when paired with the Drac Carrier 
Blaze Thrower                                  5,000,000
-Somewhat useful, not really though. 
Assault Disruptor D33-DR               4,500,000
-Still a great cannon, if you want your Arbs to hit fast ships, pair them with these because of the slow properties. 
Earthshaker Cannon                            4,500,000
-The go to weapon for DUB's, and comparably better than PAC's
Locust UAV                                      4,500,000
-Best UAV for any hull
Trident                                                 900,000
-Only really low level weapon, and still costs 11 C sets, get it if you don't have any better. 

Specials                                            Cost                   Limit if it applies 

Infernal Core                                     10,000,000
-I don't get the point of the Death Weapon and the damage it causes, but suicide ships have a use for it
Sealed Fire Charge                               7,000,000
-Brand new special, helps to increase projectile speed and increase the chance of critical hit and damage.
Magnus Drive 2                                 6,000,000
-The go to special for subs, get it if you can't get to tier 4
Counter-Missile Extender                  6,000,000
-Been offered the past 4 raids, and not really worth it
Barrel System 3                                 5,000,000
-Can be used to increase the countermeasure portion of the Switchblade, from 2 to 4.
Stealth Attack System IV                  3,500,000
-If you cant get it in tier 4 FM
Firebat Drones III                              3,000,000
-Who uses drones? You can get a day build token instead of this.
Wake III                                             3,000,000
-Used to be useful with 85 FM, but not anymore
UAV Powercell                                   2,500,000
-Go to special for UAV's
Heavy Plating III                                2,000,000
-Great for defending ships, haven't seen this a lot, grab it if you can.
Hydraulic Resistors                            1,500,000                     5
-Speed system, tier 4, and unlimited use.
Stealth Attack System III                    1,300,000
-Tier 3 if you can, save your points
Stealth Attack System II                        200,000
-Tier 2, and really not worth it. 

Turrets                                              Cost                     Limit if it applies 

Coldsnap Rocket Turret                  15,000,000                       1
-Big brother to the Frostbite, limited but better in every way
Glacial Launcher Turret                  15,000,000                       1
-Remember how game changing the Wendigo was? Like it, but with that really useful reload, speed, and defense lowerer
Apocalypse Mortar                         12,000,000 
-Best turret Mortar in game

Grade A turrets are always useful to improve your base defense. Try to create your channel to which the attacker stops because of a base patrol ship, or a turn, make sure to have these turrets cover that area for best use, being of splash weapons.

Armour                                           Cost         

Zynthonite Armor D5-X                     3,500,000
-Useful for reavers and FM, but if you can reach tier 4...
Zynthonite Armor D4-M                       350,000
-Get this if you need a heavy armor and have no missile defense

Tokens                                            Cost                       Limit 

Ship build - 1 hour                              120,000                        15
Ship build - 12 hours                       1,400,000                          9
Ship build - 24 hours                       2,750,000                          6

TOTAL-11 Days                              29,280,000

When have tokens ever been bad to buy? Free build time? Oh Yeah!

Shards                                                 Cost                         Limit 

Proto Nemesis Shard x5                     2,000,000                     4
Hellstar Shard x5                                2,000,000                     4
Ghostcrawler Shard x5                        2,000,000                     4
Man-O-War Shard x5                           2,000,000                     4

Getting closer to that Super hull is amazing, but it's best to spend your points first on other things.

Problems with 104's? 

If any of you have tried the 104's so far and found how hard they are. Check out this website to find out why
Basically they have added new weapons to the enemy ships found in the 104 compared to the 91's, with higher damage and 1000% accuracy. 

If they are any data miners who read this blog and willing to send in data, please message me on facebook, or on kixeye, thank you. 
Link to Kixeye account here

Monday, August 8, 2016

Welcome back?

It's been a while 

Sorry about that whole month long break, some personal stuff again. During my time off, Mega Hulls came out, a TLC, a raid, and new mission prizes. I will not be covering the things I have missed, check out Doxy's site for amazing analysis and insight. I will be covering the upcoming raid starting on the 11th. Here is the tips and tricks for it, and the raid video below. 

Couple quick things from the video

  • Reavers are coming back for the next 4 months 
  • The top prize is a new submarine hull, named Hellwrath 
  • New special for torpedoes, Sealed Fire Charge, sort of like the Superchared EM Rails, but with projectile speed bonus
  • The new Torpedo weapon has splash, high damage, and with the Vulture ability. If the enemy's health is under 25% the chance of critical hit is 50% 
Known things about the raid 
  • The format will be the same as last months, with two new targets 103 and 106 in the S series, the damage has been adjusted as well. 
  • The Apollo will be featured

I will be back tomorrow with the prize list and my analysis. 

I am also planning on doing a crew rolling experiment, aka a part two to my earlier post. Just gotta save up a lot of uranium. 

Until then, I'll be in 106.