Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Daily Campaigns


I've found software for streaming and recording videos, will have a posted schedule up soon for me playing. Will be doing either base hits, weekly, campaigns, builds, or base defense. The first stream was right before I started typing this, but I will upload the recorded video to my YouTube. 

Yes, I know I need a better mic. 

Daily Campaigns 

Daily Campaigns are here for the higher up, 80+ currently. With 50-79 coming next week, and 50- the week following. Each campaign has 3 encounters, and changes every 24 hours from Assault to Base Defense. Prizes include Res, Uranium or Tokens or Base Parts. 

My first daily campaign, DC for short, was the base defense. Same as the TLC we had a while back getting the Malice. Three waves of reavers, with the second wave coming at all directions. 

The assault I have not tried, but will record tomorrow and update when I get to. 

Personal Thoughts 

I personally like the addition of DC. They allow for extra uranium or base parts or tokens, and don't have to be completed every time to stay relevant in the game. 

I was able to finish the base defense version in ~15 minutes, without coin or crews. The Assault version will be similar to the Apollo raid series, but easier because of non-raid importance. Think of the Legion Assault Forces. 

 I see a potential of the DC as an opportunity to log on complete in 15 minutes, maybe on auto, get the uranium/tokens/baseparts, and then log off or do the main way of getting those items. This could be a great time saver. 

As Always, Film at 11 

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