Monday, October 3, 2016

Bring back the WIP


Doom posted today that the WIP is going away, due to people complaining about the date things come out, and last minute changes. No one likes this idea of taking away the WIP. 

Now, why do people support taking away the WIP? 
  • Dates can be changed 
  • Information can be changed 
  • Features can be taken away
Now, all the info can be changed, but shouldn't Doom warn us about this? Well, yeah, he does. 

Now, Doom has been doing this since April 2015, a full year before I start this blog 

Now if Doom has been telling us that everything can change over a month, because nothing is set in stone, why are people just now complaining about dates and changes? 

Now, the goods from the WIP 
  • Allows us to plan out our gaming schuelde 
  • Know what is coming 
  • Give Kixeye immediate initial feedback for new features, allowing kixeye to make changes
  • Allows us to guide builds for events, and raids (VXP, shards, TLC) 
  • Lets the bloggers and videoers plan out their posts in advance, and give initial analysis and feedback, allowing kixeye to make changes. 
Now, the positives outweigh the negatives for me; and for almost everyone according to this one thread, with at the time of writing as 135 replies. 

Doom, just bring the WIP back. It does more harm than good 

"WIP it, WIP it good, When the first comes around, you must WIP it!"-DarQknight 

I have a post coming up about plasma damage in weekly. It's long and involves math, will post a TL;DR at the bottom for the busy people. 

Until then as always, Film at 11. 


  1. Basically it is a Customer Relationship issue for Kixeye. By removing this aspect from their meagre communications, it reinforces the Kixeye "doesn't give a damn about the players" mentality...How Hard can it really be.. It Project Planning 101.

  2. Why do people have to cry all the time just let them do their thing leave them alone and play your game, after all it is just a game.