Sunday, October 16, 2016

October Raid - Stormrunner

Raid Time

I choose to not include a what to get post because of the smaller prize line now, and the new hull not bringing any flavor to the conqueror scene, being as each conqueror hull is now typed matched up.
The new special, you should only use on the new Spite hull, as it can only be attached to conqueror hulls, and the Spite being the only missile based. The new missile, it's another copy of the Blade, with better damage but longer reload and less flak evasion.

The Blade puts out more missiles per second to overwhelm countermeasures, while Scoria is pure damage dealing.

The Spite's  unique overload with boosting Ballistic, Explosive, and Penetrating damage types getting 150% reload bonus, every 12,000 points. With no current conqueror hulls being Ballistic, we now know what the next conqueror hull would be. The Spite also pairs well with Vendettas and Citadels.


The keys to this raid, and hopefully the next two, are good driving and torpedoe range of 88, using either FTT or Scourge.

If you don't have one of these three torps, you have a couple options.

A- Try and get others to prep for you saving massive amount of time

B-Hit the hulks and use very careful driving to avoid thermal range, best to attack level 3 targets for lowest thermal range, and lowest damage taken.

C-Do campaigns for tech until the weekly comes back, then try and get it then. How are you gonna get to tier 4 in the weekly when you are under level 50 not a massive coiner? The answer is found in the foundry and crews. More below.

The Scourge torp is in the store for 900k, and the completion bonus for set 3  is 60K, 120K for doing it all yourself. Taking you around 8-15 completed set 3's to get the torp

Now, for those having torps range of 88, the best advice I can give you is to have amazing driving skills.

With good driving skills, you can take down 105's for over 3 million points.

Just remember the basics for each ship.

  •  Scouts, thermal range is ~85, weapon's ranges are out to 110. Has both land and underwater weapons 
  • Enforcers, has no thermal range, or sonar. Only land weapons to range of 110 
  • Hulks, has thermal to range of 110, but no underwater weapons. Only land weapons to range of 110 
  • Drones, has sonar of range ~60, both land and underwater weapons. range to about 110 
  • Hellstrikes, has no sonar or thermal, land weapons to range of 110. Weapon is chain gun, with splash damage. 

How to reach tier 4 in weekly while under 50 and non coiner? 

Suicide attacks on 109's with mortars.  Mortars are the best to use on weekly mission, because the anti's are single shot for mortars and flak shot for missile. Requires a couple of things. Now, the most important things to consider in this build are the basic stats, building base damage and speed. 

  • Either the Strike Cruiser or the Dreadnought X 
  • Engine special, engine 3 is best 
  • Siege targeting/battery 
  • Either defense special or Splash special 
  • Siege mortar V, found in tier 3 blueprints. 
Combining these we get the following builds. 

Now, looking at the building damage per ship, and the speed. We should have a capable ship to take out the corners of a 109. Pulling data from The Dark Alliance, we get that the health of 109's turrets is 200k, with 0% explosive defense. Now, with only 4 of the Strike Cruisers and 3 of the Dreadnoughts X's, you can take out the corner platforms, earning you 25 million. Continuous doing this will greatly help you in your game, from getting you Blade, Arbalest, Magnus drive 2, and 2 day ship tokens at the end.

As always, Film at 11

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