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Tideseeker Hull and TLC

New videos!

Hi Guys, I have couple plans for my YouTube channel. First off, i'm starting a new segment of where I go over weekly release notes and campaign run throughs. Now the release notes will have a maximum of only 15 minutes, allowing you to listen allow while play and still receive my analysis of it. I have already done one of these for the TLC weekend. I would normally just do a blog post for it, but I wanted to test the waters for sound and viewer feedback; before I make it a permanent feature. 

 The campaign run throughs will be edited for only the battle portions, repair times, and builds. These campaigns will be one entire video, sped up 2x-4x times for length. I am also planning on raid videos, this time separated into Tier videos. 

Enough of YouTube stuff and videos, on to the Tideseeker hull, the Garwood Gatling Gun, and the Advanced Concussive payload! Oh yeah and the actual TLC. And some Mega Hull event + TLC. 

High Tide 

Running from the 1st at 12 PM PST to the 8th at 12 PM PST (Time Zone Converter) 
The minimum level to enter is 50

First run through - 5 encounters, 6 hours to complete 
Second run through - 6 encounter, 3 hours to complete 
Third run through - 7 encounters, 1 hour to complete 

This campaign, is almost similar to Dark Reign 3. Except where you would drop a target and add another to compensate; you just add another target each time to it. With Legion Assault forces in this targets. Level 1-6 are very easy and can be done with instant repair with good driving and crews. The Mega Hull at the end however? Different story. Long Story short, it's way too f*cking hard. 

Here is the build I will be using:

I focused on Penetrating defense on this build and damage output. I chose to use the switchblades over normal blades as a main weapon for when the ship gets overwhelmed with missiles. If the Phalanx 4 can't take them all down, there is 6 extra missiles that could go down. Move away from the enemy during the time to reload the missile portion of the switchblade, and viola! 

Video for High Tide run through 


The third way to complete the High Tide is by using the Disciples of Skullduggery Crew (DOS); which being an legendary crew is oddly enough easier to roll than a Bull's Eye Brigade (BB) ,a rare crew. I actually rolled two of the DOS's before even getting this close...

Now, lets go over the prizes.

Prize Pack 1
  • Tideseeker-Best current hull to use for above water raid fighting, for now...
  • Cryo Depth Charge- 3 hour build is now kinda worth it. 18 Splash, 104 damage, and a reload of .75, is awesome. But the range of 74. and on the Tideseeker having a -5% depth charge range? I wouldn't put it on there, maybe on suicide fleets or skirmish for speed boost and low weight.  
  • 4-day Tideseeker Build Token-Use it, same as doing tier 4 twice. 
Prize Pack 2
  • Concussive Reciprocator-I would chose the Garwood over this on the tide seeker due to the range, but for base defense or base attacking? Go with CR and CGG. 
  • 8-day Tideseeker Build Token-8 free days? That's two tier 5 build tokens, granted you get both 1 and 3 day builds. 
Prize Pack 3
  • Garwood Gatling Gun-Best for skirmish battles, with the highest base fleet DPS and middle for range, weight and build time. 
  • Advanced Concussive Payload-It's Strike Warheads, but with +30% concussive reload and an extra 5% damage. At 17 extra hours, bringing it to 2 days and 12 hours. 
  • 12-day Tideseeker Build Token-Only has positives, if you can't tell.  
  • 4x 5k VXP tokens for Tideseeker-Read below
  • 6x 1k VXP tokens for Tideseeker-That's a total of 26,000 VXP. The max VXP for the Tideseeker is 49,000. Having 26,000 will save you a minimum of 2,600 battles, getting only 10 VXP per battle the basic amount, and will make you reach rank 17, giving you a +64% reload bonus. 
  • Badge for completion-Oh So Shiny!
Overall, the prizes are okay. Would have been nice to see the Explosive System 4, or a special that adds both splash and projectile speed. The hulls that have a base projectile speed above 0 are; the Hellwraith, the Punisher, the Crusader, and the Hellblazer. 

Now, of those hulls three of them are Seige hulls and the last one is a submarine; which can't attach surface weapons. And we all know that you can't use any of those hulls in this raid set. 

Garwood Gatling Gun

Now, the Garwood has a better reload, better primary range and DPS than the other depth charges. 
The CGG has a very high DPS when at max stacks, however its at a range of 68, (64 for Tideseeker). 
The secondary range, at 104 (98) has a very low DPS with a max of 275. 

With the longest primary range and DPS of these depth charges, its the best to use. 

Advanced Concussive Payload

This special was made special for Depth Charge Weapons, giving a good replacement for Strike Warheads. 


This hulls, is your best option for surface hulls against the current raid targets. Plus, with having 24 days free build for just the tokens from the TLC alone. You should have at least one built before the raid begins, or at least a day or two in.

Now, basic hull needs for the Tideseeker are 
  • Explosive and Concussive resistance-for surface weapons 
  • Evade-for torpedoes and chain guns 
  • High Combat/Turn speed-to outrun the drones, use a kite method 
  • High concussive DPS-less time spent in the battle, less repair (hopefully), higher point per hour, more points
  • Low build time to help with token usage, create your build then cut off, in order, armors weapons and specials, until you come to around a 12 day build. The tokens come in 4 hours, 8 hours, and 12 hour increments. Make sure you use the most of it; if you have more tokens increase the build time. Remember that this hull is intended for the next raid, and it starts on the 10th. 
  • Also, don't build it with armor. The 24,000 Health is hard enough to rank, don't worsen it if you can help it. If you have extra build tokens, add until you run out of time!
Now that we have at least some basic rules to build against, lets build. 

The link contains all 3 builds 

This is the basic build we come up with, following the rules above. 10 days, 14 hours and 14 minutes, we have a little wiggle room to work with.

In this one we switched out the Strike Warheads for Advanced Concussive Payload, giving an extra 5% boost to damage, and 30% to concussive reload; these bonuses are for an extra 17 hours. Now, if I didn't have the build tokens, I would chose the Strike Warheads, but since the build is free and and weight is a it less, I'm going to go with the ACP.

Now with the ACP, the build time is up to 11 days, 4 hours and 47 minutes. Lets fill in the extra special slot with something for splash and projectile speed.

The final build, for a 12 day built time. The bonus splash brings the GGG splash's up to 15, and the projectile speed to 85%. Helping to catch up to the very fast Reaver fleets, and Hellwraiths for sub hunting. The final build time is 12 days, 1 hour and 14 minutes. Giving you a good amount of time to spend playing the actual game.  

Naughty_Yoda's fleet 

Naughty_Yoda has been kind enough to give us his fleet build, and how they perform in different battles. The fleet is as follows 

Yoda's build does have room for improvement. Such as switching the FTT for GGG, and the D6-A for AA3. However, his build does have its qualities. The D6-A converts it from a specialized hull, into more of a general hull. The torps help to take down slower ships, and will still hit the ship if out of range.

Now, on to the videos of how well it preforms in two different targets. The level 75 Draconian armada and the level 70 Reaver armada. Turns out the video for the 70 was lagging and the ships never properly loaded, just white spaces. Will record and post when fixed.

The level 75 Drac armada hit 

Golden Nexus 

This feature/event is being delayed for quality reasons. Will talk about it when it comes back out. 

Brief run through, you hold a  Golden Nexus point for a certain amount of time, everyone attached to the Golden Nexus earns gold for it. *ONLY ONE GOLDEN NEXUS POINT PER WORLD* 

Varying  amounts of gold comes out every; hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours and 12 hours. Averaged out to 20 gold per 12 hours. 

Gold amount is not final, nor is the time, or amount. 

Make a bigass hive. 

The gold is planned to come out on a set timer, try and capture the Golden Nexus 10-20 minutes before the timer. 

Raid Preview 

The next Raid is coming on the tenth; and to prepare for that there is a preview on the fourth from 11:30 am PDT to 1:30 pm PDT (Time Zone Converter

Only the prizes can be tested, as the targets will (hopefully) remain the same. The prizes being the Valiant, the Calamity Scattergun, and the Compressed Corrosive Canisters. 

There is a new prize coming out, but will not be tested during this preview. This prize is the Harlock's Tideseeker.  No word on if it will later appear in another TLC, or the Tideseeker in a later raid. 

Limited entry, password and link to server will be posted tomorrow around 11:30 am, on this forum post

The Valiant is a defender hull, with Scattergun enhancements. 

Guessing this was created to counter the Harlock's Revenge, Revenge normal and  partial the Fury.

 I expect it to have a very high armor stat, and 100% defense handicap. I do like this style of defender hulls. The very high armor is a lot better than having very high defenses. The defenses can be bypassed, or be weak to unconventional types of weapons, like corrosive. A high base armor stat will survive that amount of damage regardless the weapon type. I do sincerely hope the Valiant follows what the Vanquisher has set for it. 

Compressed Corrosive Canisters sounds likely that it will boost the multi-shot, and splash. 

This raid will not be a hull store, the other likely prizes will be the Hellwraith, FTT and Sealed Fire Charge. 

With a defender hull, a hull type everyone uses, and a brand new free to many ship to build coming out a week before the raid. This raid should have higher numbers than the last two. Make sure you check out Battle Pirates Nexus's Facebook page for their after raid roundup of players. Always amazing stuff from those guys. 

As always, Film at 11. 

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