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HellBorn 2 days in


Some raid videos of me playing through, and playlists of other players have been added/created. Yeah, I know this is late. But think of this post as a precursor to next raid, where you will have 6 days.

General Tips

The Thermal on the Motherships is now less than the scouts. The scout's thermal range is still at a constant 85. Meaning, once you get the change take them out using subs.  Be very careful of the drones though, as there sonar seems to vary in some tiers. Namely tier 4 and tier 5.

The drones are still the most dangerous thing to subs that are using FTT and/or have low cloak. The drones have a sonar ranging from 100 to 150. Now, my subs are very basic, and only have a cloak of 60. How do we find where the drones will find us? Plug it into this equation!

(Submarine Visible Range + Ship Detection Range)*(1 - Cloak Efficiency) = Actual Visible Range

Let us use the very so common Tigershark for these. Assuming the enemy sonar is 100, and the cloak is a starting 60. For refence, the visible range of the TS is 60. For the Cloak Efficiency in the Equation, divide it by 100 first. Thus, 60 becomes  .6.

(60+100)*(1-.6)= 64

Now if you don't know the Submarine Visible Range, you can alternatively use to find the Actual Visible Range. Just scroll down, click on the tab marked "Cloak Vs. Sonar Calculator"

I highly recommend that you either Bookmark or Favorite this site, as it contains numerous assets, many of which are needed. 

Crews to use 

Molotov Maidens-Uncommon 
Sea Serpents-Common/Uncommon
Dead eye Destroyers-Common/Rare
Silent Hunters-Common/Uncommon
Grease Monkey-Legendary
Midnight Marauders-Uncommon

My experience 

So far in the raid, I have just hit 18 million points. Redeemed the Valiant and now working on the Harlock's Tideseeker or the Calamity and build tokens. Depending on my total pointage at the end of the raid, I choose then. 

I have been using my Sub fleet to prep Tier 4, level 50's, targets. Finishing it off with my Tideseeker fleet. Giving me about 30 minutes repair total; even less with crews. 

How so? 

First, I use the subs to take out the Reaver Enforcers, which have only surface weapons and no thermal. Once I take out as many as I possibly could for no damage, I let the timer run and send in my seekers to finish it off. Alternatively, if you do not have Seeker's, you can still do this method, just use subs both times. This will net you at least half of the targets points. 

Check out the video of me doing a 53 below for a basic guide. 

This method can be applied to Tier 5 as well, however the damage is gonna be more significant. 

Overall Thoughts 

This raid is hard for those who don't have 'good enough' equipment; such as Draconian torps. Lets take my second account for example, and it's main sub build 

Now, this hull is built entirely from the Forsaken Mission, Campaigns, and researchable tech. With a max range of 78, and current dps of 1,135. Lets see how it does in a 31. 

Now, looking past my shitty driving and timing. You might be able to see one very noticeable thing coming from the scouts. Torpedoes. Yes, Torpedoes. As soon as I come into range of the scouts, torps are coming. Now, you could chalk it up to a very small difference and human error. But, lets try hitting scouts again, this time with Havok 4 Torps, a range of 75; a 3 difference between the Drac torps. I'll edit the video to where we are within range of the scout, and slow it down to 1/4th speed to better spot the torps. 

Now, setting the video quality to the highest we can and going frame by frame, we find at what times the torps fire. 

The Scout's torps fire at 9:07 in game, and 0:39 in video. 
The Pred's torps fire at 9:07 in game, and :042 in video. 

Now, what can we learn from this? That the Scouts in tier 3 have thermal which can spot you at, an estimated 78. Now, this is kinda major. 

Going in order of FM tiers, first you get the Assault Torp B, then Z, then Skirmish R, then finally the Charon. 

Their ranges? 78, 78, 80 and 88. 

Mhm, needing to get 7.5 million in the weekly to get a torp that out ranges the thermal in the raid targets. What levels is tier 3 designed for again? 

Oh yeah, its for Nighthawks... 
The easiest targets the raid has to often, is tiered 3. Something many players can't get outside of raids or that one campaign where you needed subs... 

Does anyone see what I am getting at? 

The by design easiest targets, can only be done with tech that the player doesn't have, but s/he needs the tech to get the tech. 

It's kinda like signing up to dig holes with your own shovel, but you need to dig some holes first in order to get your shovel.  

See what I mean now? This is why the last two raids had the lowest turnouts, since Battle Pirates Nexus began recording. Only 38,061 came for the first sub raid, the last one was 32,288. The last raid cycle? It had an average of 55,436 peoples. Damn

Going to the Official Battle Pirate Facebook page, and looking at events we get another type of stat. People who actually cared enough to say that they were interested or going to the 'event'. This raid cycle so far we have an average of 3,700 people who went or going. Compared to last raid cycle's 4,700 people who went. A good 1000 people difference. Lets boil this down.

1000 people were more willing to click on the "going" button, last raid then this raid. What can Kixeye do to boost the player levels, and make it more attractive for lower leveled players?

Carefully designed level locks.

Think to level 30 Armadas, level 30 and 40 Drac mining bases. Were those level locked to players under a certain level, and did they successfully allow the younger players to hit those targets, and get the base parts/uranium they need?  Without constant asking for help in comms? Yes, because those targets were the easiest targets possible, but still presenting a level of difficulty to the player.

Bonus side to this type of level locking also, you can hit higher if you have the right equipment. Allowing the player to branch out, and develop his fleets faster and with an end goal foreseen

Level locked targets gave the player stepping stones to build their fleets out of. The mining bases contained super weak versions of the stronger bases, giving the player some idea of what to expect.

Level 30 Armadas were way too fucking far left field there Kix.

But, these level locked targets. They provide for the lower player, give her/im a chance to advance in the game.

Instead of digging holes to buy a shovel to dig holes. You already have the head part of the shovel, its up to you, the player, how it is applied. Keeping on digging to get what you want, or toss it aside and do it the hard way.

Level locked targets Kixeye, that's how you get the lower leveled players back. That, and...

Image result for more cowbell

As Always, Film at 11 

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