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Hellborn Raid

Hellborn and Videos 

The raid is finally here, and the name fits for what America is about to go through. This raid I will be posting videos to my Youtube Channel. Alternately, if you dont have strong enough fleets to reach what you want during this raid, but still want to build your base defense, do the Boiling Seas campaign. I have uploaded a video on it, on my channel. 

Actual Hellborn stuff 

Hellborn begins November 10th in the following worlds at the following times (Time Zone Converter)

World Alpha: 9AM PDT
World Beta: 10AM PDT
World Gamma: 11AM PDT
World Delta: 12PM PDT
World Epsilon: 1PM PDT


The  points have remained the same for all the tiers, which is a very good thing. Nice to have some consistency. This allows for the player to judge their skills over time per points gained and coin amounts. Or just using the coin/million points formula. 

Tier 3:

31 - 10,000
33 - 20,000
35 - 30,000
Tier bonus - 60,000

Total Points - 120,000

Tier 4:

51 - 40,000
53 - 72,000
55 - 95,000
57 - 130,000
Tier bonus - 325,000

Total Points - 662,000

Tier 5:

71 - 340,000
73 - 450,000
75 - 550,000
Tier bonus - 1,350,000

Total Points - 2,690,000

Blitz Tier 5:

74 - 600,000

Tier 6:

105 - 1,850,000
Tier bonus - 1,850,000

Total Points - 3,700,000

The targets are suppose to be the same, as there is no mention of changing them. Additionally, there is also a new target, the 74 Blitz target. 

Blitz target 

This new target is working under the Blitz feature, of where if you complete it in 1 run, you can do it again for coin. Giving you the exact amount of damage, and points you received each time. There is no completion bonus, as the target comes in at 600,000 points. This target will spawn around Drac bases and Uranium Drac bases. 

If the limit of 3 coin minimum per Blitz is still active, this target won't go off well. Assuming the minimum of 3 coins and 600k points. We get an average of 1 coin per every 200k points, or in easier terms, 5 coins per million points. Now, looking back at older videos from last raid, we find an average of 0 coins per million for good drivers, and 15 coins per million per very bad drivers. 

Giving the bad driving side of the spectrum a 3 times faster way to a million points, people will grab this up. But remember, 5 coins per million points, with the new ship costing 15 million points. You would need 75 coins to get the Valiant, from hitting the blitz target alone. 

Hitting this target is purely based on how much coin you last spend per million points. If it is over the 5 per million, then I would suggest doing it, but only if you want to spend that much. Another bonus is that you get the points within minutes, instead of a couple days. Allowing you get to extra points during those times.  

New Prizes


Wow, this ships looks pretty damn amazing for base defense. Deflection stats in every damage type, and bonuses for every damage type in terms of reload, damage, and range, combined with 100,000 armor points and 3 hour repair.

Looking back at the Raid Preview, the bypass deflection of the ship was very low. Around 10ish maybe.  Against an armor base stats of 100,000? This hull will last a very long time.

The 45 AoE giving the reload bonuses and damage, is affected by Resonance Capacitor, giving an extra 36% damage.

Honestly, there is no perfect build to use. With all weapon types receiving bonuses, this is the Swiss Army Knife of base defense. You can use this hull for anything. For me personally, I'm going to be using this hull as a last defense hull.

Fleet build:

This is my current base setup. Lets go over the ships I have so far, Goliath, Enforcer, Rhino, Proto-Mast and Frosty.

Now, I'm planning on changing the Frosty to Valiant build. Why? It't the best replacement.
The Rhino and Proto are their for their remote targeting, something the Valiant doesnt have, my Enforcer has better DPS and shockwave time. The Goliath I'm saving until I get an Omega. I could replace my Goliath with a Valiant in the mean time, but for the build time and rank time. I can just wait for the Omega.

My frosty would be the best one to replace, as its only use is to catch subs. Which I can do if I switch my Rhino and Proto around. The frosty's main weapon is the Concussive Reciprocator, which the Valiant gives an 5% boost to, along with an inert 50% reload and 25% damage bonus. I can also put the new Calamity Scattergun on it for corrosive damage.

Setting a few guidelines for the build

  • Way to increase Splash 
  • Damage of Concussive and Corrosive 
  • Resonance Capacitor 
  • Stun resistance 
Combining these together, we get this build...

*NOTE* Huggy's has a problem with combining Barrel System and Compressed Corrosive Canisters.  Along with the range not being applied. Will change with Huggy's when it has been fixed. *

This build has good splash from the Compressed Corrosive Canisters (CCC), along with Corrosive damage. Concussive damage and reload from ACP. The RC gives the already discussed 36% damage bonus, and the Barrel system gives an extra 2 for the Multi Shot, increasing the damage of the Calamity Scattergun.

I wanted to increase the Multi Shot, because since  it allows for more projectiles more minium damage will be taken. Let me explain.

The Spite has a corrosive deflection of 3000, and the listed damage of the Calamity is 2,700. So, no matter how many projectiles there is, each one will only deal minimum damage. Lets use, as an example, a minimum damage of 50.

Now, with 3 multi shot projectiles, that a total of 150 damage pass through, 5 multi shot projectiles gives you 250 damage. Now, if there is a deflection of 300? Its even more  total damage pass with multi of 5 compared to multi of 3. But, for ships without any deflection? I would still chose 5 multi as it also increases the damage per projectile.

Basically, this ship can fit any role in your base. Its your choice to expand upon it and pick what to use it for.

Calamity Scattergun


This Scattergun is a large improvement over the past ones in terms of Damage and base DPS.
Also with the highest range, boosted by 20% on the Valiant, bringing its total to a range of 102. The lower spread could be a hassle for fast moving fleets. So try and place the edge of the range of the Calamity at a corner, where its sure to hit the ships successfully.

Compressed Corrosive Canisters 


This is a pretty average special. Adds bonus to the Splash and Corrosive Damage. Only other special that adds Corrosive damage is the Hydroxide Injector. Combine the HI with Combustion System 3 or Explosive System 4, to have all both Corrosive damage and splash, and also Projectile speed and multi shot. 

Harlock's Tideseeker 

Lets start with a chart versus a normal Tideseeker 

The only differences is an extra almost 14 days extra build, thermal/sonar, and the Flagship affect. The flagship affect?

Honestly, this would be the only reason to get the Harlock's version. The bonus combat speed, turn speed, stun/slow resistances, and the defense bonuses. Using Huggy's, adding the Harlock's tideseeker to my Tiderseeker fleet increases the explosive defense from 95.4% to 97.5% and concussive defense from 93.2% to 97.6%. Speed increases from 34 to 39, Turn speed from 39.6 to 44.1.

This limited hull could have its uses, if it wasnt for the very bad build time of 15 days and 1 hour. I can build 1.8 of a normal tideseeker hull. Meaning that I can build almost two normal tide seekers in the time to build one Harlock's Tideseeker. And the bonuses to this hull are seeing phantom fleets on the map, and the listed above?

But wait, Ouch! Being able to see Phantom fleets on the map is game breaking, they can attack you!

Yeah, and they could before using adblock. This doesnt really change anything. It just expands the amount of people who already could. Also, never leave a fleet sitting still in a busy sector. Always have your fleet moving. If your fleet is moving, it can not be attacked at all. Also, the ability only allows the person with the Harlock's Tideseeker to see you. They can post your coords to the comms, but they can not attack you unless they  have either Harlock's Tideseeker or are using Adblock (Against ToC last time I checked, send a ticket in) and if your fleet stays still.

Think of Phantom ships of like any normal ship, if you keep on moving, they cant hit you. The same for Phantom fleets and Harlock's Tideseekers.

Prize List 

Top Prizes

Sealed Fire Charge 6,000,000 - Best special to use for FTT, get it if you plan on using the FTT
Compressed Corrosion Canisters 6,000,000 - Okay, wouldn't prioritize this

Fire Twister Torpedo 9,000,000 - Currently the best torpedo in the game,
Calamity Scattergun 9,000,000 - Best scattergun for fleet v fleet, perfect for the Valiant in many different uses

Hellwraith 15,000,000 - Best sub in the game, last raid of this format is next month though. Think carefully!
Valiant 15,000,000 - Get this

Tiger Shark 1,750,000 - Faster than going through the foundry, for some...
Enforcer 1,750,000 - Still in use by thousand of players. If you can't get the Valaint, get this and the Antipode Launcher. Very very useful

Charon Torpedo 900,000 - Faster than forsaken missions for some. But its your choice, waste raid points or waste one run through?
Antipode Launcher D98-U 900,000 - Best launcher for Shockwaves and DPS

Stealth Attack System IV 350,000 - At this price, make sure you get this if you have trouble getting to Tier 4 in the weekly
Fusion Charger 350,000 - Pair it with the Enforcer and Antipode for faster shockwaves and higher DPS.


Proto Nemesis Shard x5 2,000,000 points  4 times

Hellstar Shard x5 2,000,000 points 4 times

Ghostcrawler Shard x5 2,000,000 points 4 times

Man-O-War Shard x5 2,000,000 points 4 times

Gamma Behemoth Shard x1 4,500,000 points 5 times

I go either ways on these

Limited Components

Zynthonite Armor D5-SL 1,000,000 points 10 times - This armor buffs up the slow resistance, it can only be attached to Conqueror hulls 

Thur, 9:00am PST-Sat, 8:59am PST

SA Deflection Upgrade 5,000,000 points 5 times - This increases your Siege and Assault deflection by 20, but can only be attached to Assault, Skirmish, Garrison and Siege hulls. This is worth it, especially for extra specials on tanks if you wanna add some extra deflection.

Thur, 9:00am PST-Sat, 8:59am PST

Unlocked Store:

Ship build - 1 hour 120,000 points 10 times
Either way on there, free build for raid points and repair time
Ship build - 12 hours 1,400,000 points 4 times
Either way on these, free build for raid points and repair time
Ship build - 24 hours 2,750,000 points 3 times

Harlock’s Tideseeker 20,000,000 points once - Such high hopes, and it sucks 

Styx Torpedo 6,000,000 - Get the Charon instead, and the Tigershark, its cheaper
Concussive Gatling Gun 7,500,000 - Good for hitting bases, for fleet combat I prefer the Garwood

Concussive Upgrade 3,000,000 - Never know when you might need it

Heavy Plating III 2,000,000 - Always useful in tank fleets or base defense fleets

Punisher 12,500,000 - Champion work horse of any Captain's fleet

Arbalest 1,100,000 - You wanna get this as fast as possible, its amazing for lower levels. If you can reach Tier 4 easily, your choice.

Nuclear Accelerators 4,000,000 - Adds Ballistic accuracy, and range. Hardened Barrels 3 does almost the same, minus the accuracy. At 4 million points? I would wait until I get it in the weekly. 

Personal thoughts 

 Limited Prize is sad, the unlocked prizes are pretty good for lower levels playing catch up. Loving the enforcer and Antipode in here, big focus on base defense this month. Best to follow the trend and try to improve your base defense too. I'm refitting my base fleet and improve my turrets, changing Javs to Ballistas, and putting up limited turrets. I'll keep you all updated with raid videos, probably on friday.

As always, Film at 11.

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